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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 3 ....

Welcome back for the antics of day 3 of my Vienna trip.   I left you last time in bed with a really painful back.  Well guess what, I had a really bad night and it was no better in the morning.  I struggled down to breakfast so Victoria wasn't on her own but she had actually met up with Natalie and Zoe P, never mind I sat and had a chat with them.  I didn't eat anything as you know what its like when you're in pain you just don't want anything do you?

Following breakfast ( or I hobbled to the hospitality suite as we were supposed to have a shopping day as we had the day free from SU excursions.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to participate in the shopping trip but spent the whole day in bed.  I slept for most of it as I wanted to be well enough to enjoy the nights activities arranged by SU.   Victoria went out with Zoe P and Natalie went on the Segway I do believe with some of the other demo's.

Anyway, having had a day of rest I felt well enough to join in the evenings event which was a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts for the final nights gala.   SU had brought this forward a night for a special reason which we later found out what it was.  We all met in the lobby of the hotel at 6.30pm and we were in surprised to see that our transport happened to be a horse drawn carriage.  It was something Vic and I had hoped to do whilst in Vienna so we got to do it courtesy of SU.  We shared our carriage with Dave and his wife.  Dave helped in in and out of the carriage and also up the steps to the museum.  You couldn't help but
appreciate the wonderful architect on the buildings and how clean and well preserved they were. 

On entering the building it was breathtaking at how wonderful it was and that we had the honour of dining there that night. After canapés and a fruit cocktail we were summons to take our seat for dinner which was up several steps.  Luckily for me a wheelchair was on hand for me to get to the dining area.  When we were shown to our tables there were lovely frames with the achievers names on them which they were very lucky to be able to take home.  Also on their plates, along with the menu, was a CD.  At the time I didn't see what the CD was  but it became apparent before we actually ate dinner.  Once everyone was seated the Master of Ceremonies announced that we were to be entertained by the Vienna Boys Choir.  This was a private concert for us and this was why the final night gala had been brought forward a night.  It was beautiful to listen and gave me goose bumps at,  I then realised that the CD that the achievers had received was that of the choir.. what a way to recreate such a special memory.

Next on the agenda was dinner which consisted of Carpaccio of beef with rocket core, parmesan cheese and matured balsamico.  Now I didn't care what ppl were telling me the beef certainly didn't looked cooked to me, it was still running round my plate it was that  So I just ate the rocket and cheese.  Next was veal, carrots with green from the Viennese Market on roasted zucchini and truffles risotto.  This course was quite nice until I started to see some pink in my meat at which point I left it.  

Now before dessert we were taken on a private tour of the gallery and allowed to take pictures as long as we didn't use a flash on our camera's.  This was not allowed for normal visitors to the gallery so this was a privilege for us.  Unfortunately these are on my phone but I will show you them at another time, but here is another picture to show you the beauty of the building. 

We returned to our seats and had dessert of Fluffy. roasted mini souffle with vanilla ice cream and strawberries...yum yum   We then returned to our hotel via a coach and some of us went to the bar next door to the hotel to watch the England match.  

Now here's something funny .... When it had finished I text my hubby to say " Yay we won"  Little did I know that he had been cooking dinner for our daughter, her partner and himself  as he had helped them move house that day and, whilst doing this Kirsty had been pausing the game, so for him the game was delayed.  Got a text back saying "thanks for telling me the outcome"  Ooops how was I to know I was in another

Well I hope you've enjoyed today's update and will be back for day 4 soon.

Tracy -x-

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