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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nightmare Journey.....

Sorry I'm a little late with the final instalment of my escapades in Vienna but here's how my last day went.  It was a little uneventful to begin with as we weren't due to fly until early evening time,  the bus was due to pick us up at around 5.30 if my memory serves me right so Vic and I had another whole day in Vienna.

We got up early enough to do some packing, have breakfast and say goodbye so some of the wonderful demo's leaving early.  We then finished our packing and had our cases collected and put into storage for the rest of the day and vacated our rooms.  Now unlike most places Vienna does not open its shops on a Sunday so that meant the only time I was able to do some shopping I couldn't....typical.   Anyway we visited the nearest bar and had a cold drink as the sun was starting to get a little hot. We were joined by some more demo's and had a nice bit of quiet time.  It then came time for them to leave so we made our way back to the hotel and this time a majority of demo's were leaving so there were a lot of goodbyes to do then.

As we sat in the lobby just killing time Vic and I were joined by the lovely Irene and we chatted about how wonderful the trip had been etc etc. and then the bus arrived to take us to the airport.   Accompanying us to the airport was Elizabeth, the guide who had taken us around the palace and museum, and she told us that the terminal we were flying from had only been open 10 days.  Anyway, we arrive at the airport and the bus driver decides to park about half a mile away from the terminal!!!!  This is where the nightmare starts......

We all disembark the bus and Elizabeth was kind enough to take my suitcase which left me with my crutches, hand luggage and handbag.  So we all started following her at a marching pace which was not good for me at all.  Not only that but we had to lug our bags etc up about 10 steps to get on the level of the terminal.  At this point we saw a bus parked outside and it did cross our minds why our driver couldn't have done the same!!!!   By this time I was struggling big time with my pain and was finding it very difficult to keep up.  Once inside the terminal we then had to make our way up an escalator, again with all our luggage.  As I got on I felt awful and, luckily for me, Irene from the hotel was stood behind me and put her arm across me to stop my falling backwards.

As we got off the escalator I started to feel very unwell and the next thing I knew I was in a wheelchair and was being given water and fanned down.  I later found out from Vic that I had "collapsed" and the other demo's around me had stopped me from falling.  I am very grateful and overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me by the German demo's who stayed to help me.  Then, it seemed out of nowhere, a nurse and paramedic were there and the nurse was asking all sorts of questions.  Because I was so upset my BP was up and she wanted me to see the doc in the ambulance outside and def didn't want me to fly.  Now that wasn't an option for me so after a lot of persuasion she asked me to sign a disclaimer on the understanding I had something to eat, didn't walk anywhere and def no alcohol .... noooooo  lol

I ended up boarding a FULL aeroplane on a stretcher type chair (how embarrassing) and then Vic had to show the stewardess our connecting flight times in order that they got me off the plane into a wheelchair and off to the right check in gates.  A special bus was laid on for us to get to the connecting flight and we were allowed to sit at the front instead on seat 16....yay VIP treatment.  On the final flight I did have a bottle of wine as I felt fine, in fact both Vic and I got 2 bottles in the end.  Now girls the way to do this it to get on the plane first and start chatting to the steward prior to the rest of the passengers boarding.   I think we got two drinks as he either took pity on us for what we had experienced , or Vic for putting up with me, I'm not sure

On landing at East Midlands we disembarked first and went through a deserted passport control, never known that before, to claim our luggage.  Imaging my despair, having already gone through a horrendous journey, to find that my case was not there!!!! At this point I went into emotional meltdown I think and all I wanted to do was get home but we had forms to fill in (well Vic did bless her) and then out to meet James.  I don't think he expected to see me blubbering away having just had a fabulous visit to Vienna but unfortunately thats what he got :(   The journey home seemed eternal although it's really only 25 mins but I was sooooo glad to finally be home.

sorry I've had to end what has been a truly amazing trip on a downer with the lack of pics.  I'm sure Vic won't go away with me again after this trip but I'd like to thank her for asking me in 2010 to be her companion on this trip.  I'd also like to thank everyone who helped me through some of the tough times and who had the job of pushing me around.

However to end on a high, if ever you want to get through passport control quickly and board a plane first, if you haven't got kids then take someone in a wheelchair, it works a treat ;)

I'll be back soon with some crafting posts but until then take care and happy crafting.

Tracy -x-

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