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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Day 4

Hey, I hope you had a good Sunday.  Before I tell you about day 4 of my fabulous Vienna trip I need to tell you about the day I've had.   Hubby is a keen gardener, good job with the size of our garden, and needed some compost so off we went to a well known DIY store and garden centre.  The car started ok on our journey there but wouldn't on our journey back!!!!  It was playing up starting with me before I went on my trip but had been fine since.  Anyway my B-in-L came to our rescue, on his birthday I might add, and gave us a jump start to get the car going.  All the way home I was on edge that it would stall and not get going.  We managed to get to a well known car shop who tested our battery and it wasn't charged as it should be so we bought a new one.   However, this didn't seem to solve the problem as the car kept cutting out on the rest of the journey home.  I just hope it gets me to and from work

Anyway, day four of the trip was for me my best day health wise.   I woke up and for the first time of the trip was pain free.  I felt soooo much better in myself and was up for going with a few other demos to hopefully ride the oldest big wheel in Europe who's carriages were made of wood, gulp.   Now I haven't got a head for heights but felt quite confident as neither had some of my friends who were with

We got a taxi to where the big wheel was and we were all surprised that it was a full funfair with dodgems, waltzers etc.  So we all made our way to the big wheel and were undecided whether to go on it or not but none of us chickened  We got to have our photo taken through a window before we boarded the carriages and when they were printed it looked as though we were looking out the window of one of the carriages, it was great.  The view from the wheel was just magnificent and breathtaking as the picture below shows.

After the ride we strolled around the park and Vic, Natalie, Jo and Julie all went on a water ride.  I didn't due to my back and neither did Zoe P who was the photographer for the  Next we had a go at winning a horse race, unfortunately I came second and Vic won, I'm sure it was fixed as Vic never wins anything...haha.
As we were walking around we couldn't help but see the tallest carousel wheel ever in the distance.  Now there was no way you'd get me me on such a ride but Vic and Natalie marched off to see it closely followed by Jo and Julie.  Zoe and I decided to sit in the shade and have a rest.  The amount of time they were away led us to believe that they had actually gone on the ride.  After about half an hour they all came back and it turned out that Vic and Natalie had both summoned up the courage to go on the ride.  I thought Vic was very brave as she is normally so scared of heights its unbelievable, maybe this has conquered this, next is spider...ewww.  Below is a distant view of the ride they went on and how high it actually went.

On leaving the fun fair we made our way back to the hotel via the underground system and market.  When we got off the underground we were misled on our way to the market and what could have been a 20 minute walk turned out to be about a 90 minute walk.  Luckily my back held up to it and we got to see a lot of things we otherwise wouldn't have.  The aromas of the market were amazing but the best of it for me was the pint of lager we had once we reached
 As day four was the final day of the convention SU laid on a goodbye and goodies session from 8-10 that night so before we went to this Vic and I had a wander out to find something to eat.  Not long after we had sat down who should come along but Jules, Robin (Jules hubby), Jo and Julie who were looking for somewhere to eat so they joined us.  It was a lovely evening sharing the evening with some others on the trip especially as I had missed out previously.  After eating we made our way back to the hotel, wondering what the goodies might be.... and here they are... a selection of different desserts. 

 It was difficult to say goodbye to  all the friends I had made and what made things nicer was that Hayley, another British demo, had taken the time to make me a swap that was only meant for achievers as she had known I was going and didn't want me to feel left out, so thank you Hayley for thinking about me.

Next time you will hear about my uneventful, not, journey home and hopefully show you some craft items.  So until then  I'll say goodbye and I'll be back soon.

Tracy -x-

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